Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dating scammers: freemailserv.net moved

Yesterday I wrote about how McColo closed down the server hosting freemailserv.net only few hours after our complaints. This morning I can then see that the freemailserv.net is up and running again on address, belonging to LLC GlobalWholesaleTrade, www.global-hosting.ru, Russia, and a complaint has now been sent to them.

Again this is interesting also seen in connection with UALadys (Marriage Agency Scam). Lovewather.com which was one of the domains used to redirect from the earlier spams to UALadys.com and which used same RPX extension/language as UALadys.com was also hosted at LLC GlobalWholesaleTrade.

But lets see maybe now I get more letters from Irina... unless "she" is reading this blog, if so then I must probably accept that I blew my chance with "her".

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your blog. I'm also getting date scam spam on freemailserv.