Monday, July 23, 2007

ED Pill Store: Follow up on eBullz (Victim)

The other day I wrote about the connection between ED Pill Store HoodiaPlus and / and some other sites controlled under a business name of eBullz. As I mentioned it didn't seem like the sites was directly involved with the ED Pill Store spammer and the domains was not known to be involved in spamming.

I have now talked with the owner of these sites and have been met with nothing else than big willingness to answer all my questions. ED Pill Store HoodiaPlus has apparently stolen design, graphics etc. from the eBullz and they have allowed me to state that in the complaints I have in progress among other at ISPrime, the hosting provider for the ED Pill Store backend server. The owner could also tell me that HoodiaPlus is not a re-labeling of the HoodiaLife products done by through their wholesaler program.

Regarding the certificate then it's the certificate of the manufacturer and it should therefore be possible to find this on many web pages for pharmacy products, whether ED Pill Store spammer has stolen it from or gotten it directly from the manucaturer is not to say.

Regarding Xavier Ratelle whos name was found on the St Jean Internet domain registration, then St Jean Internet has helped with development, registration of domains etc. for eBullz so the connection is strictly business related. EBullz will look at getting domain information corrected for / I must say if it was a more high profiled "spammer" than Xavier Ratelle I would probably still be suspicious, but afterall there is very little information regarding his involvement with spamming and based on the records that the spamhaus project has, It's difficult to determine if he was only involved in helping with registration of domains and there have been nothing new for some years, so I choose to believe that the connection is just a coincidence.

So I will no longer concentrate on eBullz and its different web sites as I have no reason to believe that this is not a fully legit company that are just as tired of spam, pharmacy scams etc. as we other are. But the work is defently not wasted because I can now add "Copyright violation" to the list of complaints when dealing with the service providers for the ED Pill Store and with the possibility to get the owner of eBullz to confirm that in case it should be necessary.

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