Thursday, July 12, 2007

ED Pill Store: Gathering evidence for ISPrime

In one of my former posts I wrote about how I discovered that ED Pill Stores are using a backend server located with the hosting provider,

I send complaint to ISPrime and actually also to FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) because the sites are selling drugs. After a few days the mails to ISPrime timed out and have done so a few times, but after sending a fax instead I got a breakthrough.

Today ISPrime contacted me and they told me that they have now confirmed the same thing that I have seen that it looks like the server hosted with them is a backend server etc. but that they don't believe the information/link to illegal activity is strong enough to terminate the account for abuse. They encourage me to send more information.

This is a nice breakthrough, I fully understand that ISPrime can not just terminate a customer account the first time they receive a little information, but their willingness to look at the things I'm telling them and the encouragement to send more specific information if I got that, shows that they are some of the good guys.

I will now gather every little piece of evidence about this case and send to ISPrime and hope that it is enough for either termination of the account or that ISPrime will contact the customer and ask about the allegations.

I will get back when I have more information.


Anonymous said...

Plenty of ED Pill Store info here...

Henrik Uffe Jensen said...


I have placed the link but only as an external source. In the main section I will concentrate on the things that I have experienced myself and that I are willing to testifiy to the police, if it comes that far.

Therefore I can only use external information that I have not verified myself as generel background information.

Anonymous said...

Did they mention what would be considered as enough evidence? What types of evidence would be considered sufficient to take action?

Henrik Uffe Jensen said...

They asked about headers from spam message.

So the most important thing is to show the conection between spam messages and the frontend servers and between the frontend and backend servers.

So I based everything on one of the spam messages I have received and have very precisely gone through all evidence of connection between these, from the obvious things as links to similarities in design, code etc.

Then I have tried to describe things that they are involved in which are either illegal or could be breach of ISPrime policies.

- Spamming (easy)
- Identify Theft (used spam messages send from Trying to get statement from scooterstore about this)
- Forged information in headers + domain registrations
- False claims about security + business (Hacker Safe / VIPPS / Secure Server)
- Copyright violations (Probably generic Viagra + Cialis sold and not the brand products)

Anonymous said...

well i used there site and the pills work great but they do spam the hell out of me

Anonymous said...

theyy have begun sending texts to phones trying to get people to go there, i have no idea how they got my cell phone number i do not post it online.

Anonymous said...

They are sending messages to my phone and my wife's phone. We are on the government "Do Not Call" list. How are they getting away with it. I sure would like to find out.

Anonymous said...

TCPA Tracker 2/23/09
I received text messages on my cell phone directing me to an "ED Pill Store" web site. Text messages to cell phones are a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act at 47 USC 227(a)(1)(iii). The TCPA has a private right of action (meaning I can sue the people who initiated the text message). I went to the "ED Pill Store" advertised in the text messages and bought some Viagra so that I can identify who is selling it - and sue them. I am looking for anyone else who has also purchased anything from an "ED Pill Store" web site.

Fuzzybear said...

I received an email stating that Pfizer is giving away free Viagra.
All you had to do was send $19.95 for express courier delivery.
When I looked at their headers I got their IP address and used geek tools and found out that the computer is at an Army base in Sierra Vista, Az.
When I opened the email there was a form to fill out and at the top of the form was "ed Pill Store".
(it had the lower case letters for "ed")
I don't know if this will help or nor, but I thought I would give it a try.

Anonymous said...

This website seen like a scam,People should beware

Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually get a phone number for this place? I am female and they are spamming the hell out of me on my cell phone. To say the least I am pissed.

Anonymous said...

Posted here before. Did file a complaint with the FCC. I think we all should.

Anonymous said...

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