Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ED Pill Store: The hoodia certificate (Part 1)

On one of ED Pill Stores many related spam sites, (HoodiaPlus) I noticed a certificate for Hoodia export,

Notice the white part on the top of the certificate where field number 3+4 is missing. The importer + exporter name/address is what have been removed from there, which imediately made me very curious. So I did a little searching and found mr. Deon Hignett from CapeNature in South Africa, who is the one who have signed the certificate. He could confirm that the certificate were valid (it's expired now), he would not tell me the name (fair enough) but he could tell me that the certificate was issued to a local (South African) exporter.

At first I accepted that this certificate was a dead link leading to nothing interesting but today I then needed a break from work and I took the long-shot chance and used Google image searching to see if I could find something interesting about this certificate, and I did.

Same certificate shows up on here

The domain is registered by a Vladescu, Ion from Romania and I actually found his email mentioned a few places, so it seems that this is probably not forged domain information. Also the domain was first registered in July 2006, but doesn't seem to be known in connection with spam. The site is also hosted in Romania. There are more similar sites like for example etc. When ordering from these pages you are redirected to which is a pharmacy affiliate program. The domain registration information for does not seem forged either and their site is hosted at rackspace, United Kingdom, which would not be among my first choices if I was involved in spamming etc. All in all I think is not a ED Pill Store related site.... besides the hoodia certificates.

On the site I saw that they called the product for HoodiaLife, which is also a product name used by the ED Pill Stores according to the SpamWiki, so I did a little further searching also using this parameter too and I found the same certificate on another site, I will tell about this site in part 2 of this post as it turned out that there is a lot of interesting things to write about.

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This is excellent research! Thank you!