Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gandi: If just all domain registrators were like them

In my last post I wrote about the Marriage Agency Scam which uses a lot of different domains, and one of these were registered at Gandi, Already in that post I wrote that I have good experience with Gandi from before and ones again they showed their dedication to fighting spam.

Only a few hours after I send in my complaint they had conducted their own internal investigation and based on that suspended the domain. If just all domain registrators took complaints that serious and was willing to do internal investigation and act uppon them in just half the speed as what Gandi does then we would easily get rid of lot of the spam email as it would simply be too much work for the spammers to change domains that often.

So if you are going to register some domains (and you are not a spammer) then I can highly recommend that you take a look at

And with the domain now suspended then the Marriage agency spammer have lost their link between and their main sites so lets see what their reaction will be.


Anonymous said...

Well I would advise against having anything to do with Gandi. I think they are running a domain name renewal scam. For the second time I've found a domain has expired without warning from them. If I'm to be charitable it may be because they persist in using an email address that we dropped due to spam volumes but we did tell them but with spam levels the way they are relying on email alone is stupid. And why do I think it may be a scam? well I can get the name back from them by paying a lot more than the normal renewal fee so its actually in their interests for us to "miss" the renewal notice.

Anonymous said...

The above person posted the exact same comment on Gandi's Forum. It received a nice reply, which must be read in whole:

In short, the person missed their 4 renew reminders, did not pay attention to the expiration date of the domain, and did not notice anything was wrong until a whole month of his web services being offline while the domain was in the Client Hold grace period.

The additional fee is normal, because after an EPP domain ends its client hold period in the deletion cycle, it goes to redemption period. At that point it is managed by the registry, who charges registrars more for the operation. Since a restoration is more expensive than a renewal, that higher rate must be passed on to the customer.

Anonymous said...

I also would advise against gandi. I registered my the sites associated with my non profit, public service association with them because they state on their home page (and other prominent pages on the site) that EVERY account comes with a Whois privacy feature. Only after registering did I find out that the feature was not available for "associations"; only individual accounts. The info was buried in a pdf, the link for which was several layers down into the site. They said if I wanted the feature (which was the main reason I went with them), I had to pay to reregister. Misleading at best – borderline fraudulent. I say avoid.