Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Identity theft by..... Herbal King ???

Started out yesterday morning with receiving some emails regarding some posts and profiles "I made" on different gay dating sites. My immediately reaction was "yes !!!" because I then know that my work is pissing off some spammer and there is nothing better than to know that your work are appreciated. I knew this would happen sooner or later, that is the price of playing with open cards, but I must admit I had expected something more sophisticated.

First of all gay dating sites?.... gay people do not harm anybody and most of them are decent people who just has another sexual orientation than myself and many other people.... I mean if it was an attempt to hurt me why not try with a forum for racists or adding me as a spammer to bulkerforum.biz.

Second then two of the sites where my profile was created needed either payment and/or verification of email before the profile was being put online, so besides the creator of the profiles and myself then no one can see the profile.

The perpetrator managed to get one post published (that I know of)

Email, well it can just be obtained by looking at the domain registration for this domain, but the phone number is more interesting because that is not the phone number on my domain registration but one that is only listed on my company website.

My company is little known yet and therefore there is not that many visits to the website, so I went to look at the logfiles of the webserver and found only one visit yesterday morning, made just before (less than 30 minutes) the postings / profile creation was done and the ip-address used was I say that again !!!

Look at my prior post regarding Herbal King spammer, is the address that I have send complaints to Ihug (DSL Provider) about that the Herbal King spammer has used on more occasions!!! What is the chance that another user (not Herbal King spammer) is using the same ip-address from Ihug, New Zealand to visit my little known company website within 30 minutes before a forged post appear using a phone number from that website. Extremely small if you ask me and I'm now trying to get these gay dating sites to search for same ip-address is their logfiles to confirm that is has been used there at the same time where my profles was created.

So Herbal King spammer I have had some trouble convincing Ihug to shut down your DSL connection, I haven't had any luck reporting spam to the New Zealand police, no luck getting _________ (*) to stop their involvement with you etc. and then you give me a gift in form of a clear case of identity theft.

I think I have seen movies about this..... criminals whos bad conscience makes them supply hints about their criminal activities to the police, because they really want to be caught and get relieved. :-)

(*) Reference to entity has been temporarily removed due to temporary injunction placed on the blog and the author of this blog in the case CS (OS) 218/2008 under process in Delhi High Court. Further information about the injunction (order) can be found here:

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