Friday, July 6, 2007

Ihug, New Zealand chooses side.... against spam

As mentioned in other post I have sent complaints to Ihug, New Zealand a few times because I'm sure that they are supplying persons involved with the Herbal King spamming with DSL services, and until today without getting an answer.

Maybe it was the fact that I have started this blog and that I attached links to my past post in the complaint, I don't know, but suddenly Ihug, New Zealand has responded to my complaint. Unfortunately however they misunderstood my complaint and thought that I was complaining that I received spam from their network and they therefore gives me a little talk about spam filters and how spam is not illegal if providing contact information and how it could be a trojan sending the spam. But on the positive side they took time to answer me and I truly believe that they despite their more or less "standard response" and misunderstanding of my complaint really are not one of those providers who doesn't care about spam at all.

I have now send back information where I try to explain exactly what I'm complaining about and how I collected my evidence, because I'm fully aware that almost all spam is sent from zoombie computers through trojans etc and therefore I'm not wasting my time following up on the forged email headers. Instead I go after the sites being advertised in the spam mails, and usually using my "Show me who looks at the orders" game explained in earlier posts. So I'm sure persons looking at the ordes submitted at the Herbal King / Elite Herbal sites are using DSL connection from Ihug and that is what my complaint is about.

Lets see if I get respond on the new information I send...

Regarding what Ihug told me about spam not being illegal if supplying contact information then that might be the law in New Zealand but in that case I hope there are some good definitions of contact information. I mean a spam email from the Herbal King spammer contains forged email headers, the domain registration information for the sites being advertised are forged, the site doesn't contain any direct contact information, there is a contact form that they never answers (don't know if it works) and if supplying an order you get an email address on the confirmation page that they not answer either. If that is still considered valid contact information according to New Zealand laws, then I will for sure say they made a big mistake when writing the law.

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