Monday, July 16, 2007

Marriage agency scam: suspended + ?

This morning OnlineNic,, reported that they had suspended based on my complaint. Nice to see another domain registrator choosing side against spam.

Now I can also see that is down, it seems like this domain is suspended too.

The support department at is ignoring my support ticket about spam and the message to the profile is also ignored,but the agency seems very interested in both my profile and the message because I can through my "Who are looking at my profile + messages" game see that they have been looking a lot of times.

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Anonymous said...

I want to warn everybody about the dating company ANASTASIADATE.COM or ANASTASIA INTERNATIONAL. The ladies featured there are not necessarily scammers, but the company itself probably is. How do I claim this? The company does not give the paying client any access to the contact information of the lady with whom you are corresponding. Her full name, her post address, her phone number, her personal e-mail address: None of this information will be allowed to you, even if you pay. All your communication with a lady there will go through the agency. The first letter you send her is maybe free, but later you will have to pay for each item of correspondence, even for reading her letters for you. If you go to her country to meet her, the meeting may only be arranged by ANASTASIA INTERNATIONAL, and you have to pay rather much for this meeting.

I also have personal experience with this company to back up my allegation. Last year I wrote with one of their ladies through this company. I tried to include my contact information in my letters for her, but she responded that this was deleted before she got the translated version of my letter. Of course I got no contact information from her. This year I spent one week at the Black sea coast with a Ukrainian lady whom I met through an other company. The meeting was not entirely successful. I think she was very uninterested in me. But she wanted me to remain the host of her and her daughter for as long as possible. After all, it is very expensive for a low income Ukrainian to spend time at best resorts at the coast of Crimea.

However, when I got home, I noticed that this lady also has a profile at Anastasia (ID: 1153047). The photos in the profile are really of her, but the profile text seems very dishonest. I strongly believe this text is cooked up by somebody in the agency, in order to make her seem the ideal wife. The text in her profile is not representative for her personality at all.

I advice single men only to use such agencies that will reveal the full name and post address of those ladies with whom you correspond.