Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dating scammers: Irina - end of story

It seems like my "communication" with Irina is truly dead now. In my last post regarding those dating scammers I wrote about the letter I had received where "she" asked for money to help her out with her flight ticket. I chosed to see if the scammers were willing to work a little for the money or not, because that probably gives a good indication of how many other people they are close to scamming.

So I made up a little story story about past problems with Western Union and how I would rather prefer another company I have used before, more expensive, but delivery of the money directly to the door. I didn't say that I would not use Western Union at all but just showed a little concern and asked Irina what was her opinion.

I had hoped to see the scammers doing a lot to convince me that Western Union was ok to use and that it was the prefered way etc., because that would have given me hope that I was only among a few people that they were close to scamming. But instead I just received a general email not mentioning my concerns but just explaining how glad she was that I would help and how much she was looking forward to see me etc. So I gave it another shot, answering back if I should understand her answer as if she didn't care that we used other company that Western Union. Again just a general answer but trying even harder to convince me just by saying how much she loves me etc. (Hmm she still doesn't know my full name, age or have seen a picture of me), but again the scammers didn't waste any time to try to deal with my Western Union concerns. I send one more email back but never got an answer.

I find this kind of behaviour very concerning because as mentioned then the only reason I can think of why the scammers try so little to convince me about using Western Union despite my concerns is that they have plenty of people that they are close to scamming or because in their mind it's much easier to pump out a few million new spam mails than to use 10 minutes of their time to try to convince me of sending the $550 through Western Union. Of course there is also the chance that they knew I was not to be scammed no matter what, but I guess if that was the case then they would not have answered my emails at all.

So end of the Irina story..... well except that I submitted all my communication including images etc. to the Danish Police. As I have not lost money it will not result in an investigation but at least they have registered and saved my information and it can be used in case they will start an investigation later based on someone actually loosing money.


Arnab said...

Did you receive those email from @freemailserv.net?

Henrik Uffe Jensen said...

Yes from freemailserv.net which is still hosted at global-hosting.ru who seems not to respond to complaints at all.

Anonymous said...

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