Monday, August 27, 2007

High season for drug spamming

It must definitely be high season for drug spamming because during the last week the amount of spam received from My Canadian Pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy and Herbal King has gone up with 500-1000% compared to what level I have normally received.

I wonder what is the idea behind sending the same spam to the same email address sometimes up to 10 times each day and My Canadian Pharmacy even did that for 3-4 days advertising a site ( not doesn't strike me as very clever marketing.

But besides the standard complaining to domain registrators and hosting providers there is nothing to report.... yet, because I am of course doing some extra digging and playing a few small games as soon as I have time.


Spaminator said...

Not clever at all. In fact, nearly comic - but of all things, spammers are by definition not clever (or they would make money actually doing something).

Anonymous said...

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