Thursday, December 6, 2007

Busy busy busy but still kicking... and was I fooled by eBullz?

I'm extremely busy at the moment and sorry to say not with fighting the spam in my inbox. My funny little spare time activity here is suffering from the fact that I don't have much spare time but need to focus on the part of my business that will hopefully earn me some money.

But anyway I'm sure christmas will not be celebrated without at least one very interesting update regarding one of the spammers I have been "playing" alot with... so stayed tuned for that one.

Besides that then another case that I haven't done more about has popped up again, leaving me with the big question of whether I was fooled by eBullz or not...

Back in July I found a connection between ED Pill Store and a company called eBullz which run different sites,,, etc. I found some small things that seemed a little weird, like for example a Xavier Ratelle (on spamhaus ROKSO list) working for the company that helped develop these sites but after talking with the owner (Abby) of eBullz I was convinced that HoodiaPlus (that ED Pill Store is involved advertising through spamming) was just a knock off of HoodiaLife sold by, that Xavier Ratelle was not involved and actually not even known by the owner and I did find no proves that eBullz was involved in spamming.

For the entire story read these posts:

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But now I have discovered that FTC has started a case that involves and, a case that also mentions HoodiaPlus (the name used by ED Pill Store) and where Xavier Ratelle is one of defendants. Lawsuit is regarding both misleading advertising (false product claims) and spamming. Besides Xavier Rattelle the defendants is two persons from Spears Systems inc, a company that I have never heard about before.

Documents regarding the lawsuit can be found on

The sites, has been taking offline based on restraining order and and seems to have been taking offline too, don't know if this is related to the lawsuit or not.

I actually send an email to Abby from eBullz who was so kind to answer my questions last time and to my surprise she was just as fast and kind to answer me again this time, when I asked for a comment regarding the lawsuit. But I must admit that the answer just left me confused on a higher level.

In short she told me that yes there is a temporary restraining order on the herbal products they have been selling based on misleading advertising, but that they are about to settle this matter with FTC. For the spamming part she tells that FTC have to go after Xavier Ratelle, because she still know nothing about him, even though it in the FTC documents is stated that he is doing business on, and she tells that the spamvertised HoodiaPlus products must be something that Xavier Ratelle knows about.

I have many wild guesses, from that I'm being fooled by Abbys (eBullz) kindness and willingness to answer my questions to that Xavier Ratelle maybe stole business idea, webpage code etc. from eBullz when being contracted to help them with developing and afterwards used this, maybe with help from Russian spammers, to make a business for himself. Only thing I'm sure of is that it will be interesting to follow the progress on the case, to see if any of my theories are correct.


Anonymous said...

The 'Abby' is now listed into the defendants of that case now.

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me if spermomax is indeed effective or not???