Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Colleagues" about Herbal King/Elite Herbal, Genbucks, _________ (*) etc.

Here is a little update regarding Herbal King/Elite Herbal etc. (too many names to list them all here). Most of this is actually just information supplied to me by friendly "colleagues" so some of it you might already read in the comments to my last posts. But anyway I will summarize here

* The company Etech Media from Christchurch, New Zealand which I found a connection to earlier from Genbucks is owned by Shane Atkinson (A "colleague" with the access to search in New Zealand company registrations did supply me that information)

* Another "colleague" at just further strengthened the feeling I already had that it's probably Shane Atkinson who uses the name 'pilldude' in different places among others also on the Genbucks forum. What is a little interesting is that since 'Pilldudes' entrance into the forum back in 2005 he have 1000+ posts, so is in other words heis quite active. However the latest post can be dated back to December 10, a few days before the BBC radio programme that really started to bring some attention to this case.

* Another "colleague" again pointed me to, a well-known forum for spammers where a debate started about an affilliate programme called Sancash, that suddenly had disappeared (site gone, and skype id no longer in use). There was quickly some confirmation that Sancash was an affiliate programme for Elite Herbal and doing a little calculation I could also see that Sancash did disappear if not on same date then close to the date of the raid in Christhchurch, New Zealand. By looking at historic whois information for I could also see that until its disappearence it was hosted at IzoWeb inc. which is also the prefered hostingprovider for Genbucks related sites. My guess is that maybe Sancash was just a facade put up in front of the Genbucks affilliate programme and used by them for the special group of affilates sending spam in order to keep the Genbucks name "free of dirt". According to Sancash is not dead but have changed site and skype id, so this is probably the reason while many of you is still receiving spams, but now mostly under the name of VPXL and not Herbal King/Elite Herbal. Can it be Shane that is still so stupid that he just keeps on under another name, I don't know, I would think not, but he has probably not been alone in the first place so there is probably some trusted "business partners" that takes over, that is unfortunately often how it is.

* Another "colleague" again (and yes we are talking 4 different now since the start of this post) also made me aware what I have also noticed myself, things are disappearing... spooky!!! Some of the latest disappearing items is the post on this Genbucks Affiliate blog, where we found that nice picture of Shane and ________ (*), the two owners of Genbucks. Also the videos on YouTube that helped BBC in their investigation has vanished into thin air...

So have I really digged up nothing myself?

Well a little, but the most interesting thing I'm actually not going to blog about for a while and the reason is the spooky thing about things disappearing. I want to make sure the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand have collected everything, and this information has a nature that could make it very interesting as evidence in the hopefully coming trial.

But I can blog a little about one of the small coincidences that we have seen so many of in this case. Apparently Genbucks have chosen just days ago to create a new company to handle their payment of affiliates. There could be some kind of business related reason for doing so, but based on the answers to the confused affiliates on the Genbucks forum then "they just wanted to make a new company to handle payments". Apparently moderator also tries to hide the address for this server by editing user posts, but missed a post about the name of the company, so here we go. The new company is located on and the company name according to domain registration is Etranz Ltd. and is located on Mauritius (not same address as Genbucks), however in the affiliate programme agreement something is mentioned about Indian law. Just a coincidence? Maybe, but then why now and why all the secrecy....

(*) Reference to entity has been temporarily removed due to temporary injuction placed on the blog and the author of this blog in the case CS (OS) 218/2008 under process in Delhi High Court. Further information about the injuction (order) can be found here: