Monday, December 17, 2007

Lawsuit against me by _________ (*)

In my last two posts I have been telling about the BBC investigation that among other things have verified the connection between the Herbal King/Elite Herbal spammer and ____________ (*).

What wasn't mentioned in the radio programme is that BBC also send questions to an authorised representative from __________ (*) in which BBC mentioned me however not by name but just as a "Danish IT Professional". The authorised representative from __________(*) however responded by telling BBC that they belived that the "Danish IT Professional" mentioned was me (identified by name) and that they have filed a lawsuit against me at Delhi High Court for harassment and would therefore not make any comments about the case. BBC of course as part of their research asked me for a comment about this lawsuit which was how I heard of it for the first time.

Well if __________ (*) can't then atleast I can make some comments about this "lawsuit"

1) I have never heard of this lawsuit before now. I have never been contacted by any lawyers or by the Danish/Indian police regarding this matter

2) They claim that I have been harassing them. Yes I have send numerous email/faxes to ___________(*) with complaints and questions but I'm sure this can not be defined as harassment. Not once have they responded to my complaints/questions or asked me to stop sending them email/faxes. Weird way to react to file a lawsuit before even once trying to stop the "harassment" by responding to one of my email/faxes.

3) They claim I have been threatening them. Well if telling them that I would hand over information to Indian Newspapers, regarding their connection with a well known spammer, in case they don't answer my questions is threatening then I'm guilty but I'm not exactly loosing my sleep over that.

4) They claim I have made false statements about their company. From my point of view I have just told exactly what I have discovered, I have never told that __________ (*) is directly behind the spamming but been open to different other explanations. I have given _________ (*) numerous possibilites to answer the "allegations" I have made against them and not once havde they chosen to do this or asked me to stop blogging about their connection to the Herbal King/Elite Herbal spammer.

I have now been writing to __________(*) again to hear more about this lawsuit, but it will not surprise me if they just keep ignoring me. Well if there really is a pending lawsuit then sooner or later they (or their lawyer) will have to start communicating, not just ignoring me....

(*) Reference to entity has been temporarily removed due to temporary injunction placed on the blog and the author of this blog in the case CS (OS) 218/2008 under process in Delhi High Court. Further information about the injunction (order) can be found here:

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